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The Outer Comstock Neighborhood Association (OCNA) is a non-profit neighborhood organization representing the area bounded by East Colvin Street, Skytop, Ainsley Drive and Brighton Avenue.

Meet the Board

We currently have thirteen members on the Board. Board members meet the last Tuesday of each month -- excluding December -- at the Central Baptist Church on Alden Street. Meetings typically last an hour and are open to the OCNA Members (RSVP always appreciated).

Board of Directors

The Bylaws

  • Article 1: Name
  • Article 2: Purpose
  • Article 3: Boundaries
  • Article 4: Districts
  • Article 5: Membership
  • Article 6: Board of Directors
  • Article 7: Officers
  • Article 8: Elections
  • Article 9: Changing Bylaws
  • Article 10: Committees
  • Article 11: Executive Committee
  • Article 12: General Meetings
  • Article 13: Committing the Association
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OCNA's History

The Outer Comstock Neighborhood Association (OCNA) was formed in the late 1970's under the leadership of Fern Heckelman who resided on Tejah Avenue. It was primarily organized to oppose the proposed garbage-burning steam plant on Ainsley Drive and the Dome at Skytop. OCNA succeeded in its efforts to keep the Dome out of Skytop.

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