February 2016 OCNA Board Meeting Minutes



Call to Order

President of the Board, Khristopher Dodson, calls the meeting to order at 7:03pm.

Brief Updates

Khris follows up with the board on a couple of items:

  • Contacted Paul Driscoll, Commissioner at the Department of Neighborhood and Business Development, Regarding letters OCNA wrote regarding UNSA funding
    • While negotiations between SU and the city are active, response/news regarding UNSA funding has been unsurprisingly absent
    • The letter from OCNA does serve, if nothing else, as a healthy reminder of OCNA's intention.
  • Next meeting to take place at the Brewery

Adoption of the meeting minutes

January 2016 Monthly Meeting

Jesse O'Donnell, Secretary, moved; Seconded by Kathleen Scutt

Treasurer Report

OCNA Treasurer, Mark Watkins, reported the following:

  Checking Account Savings Account
Current Balance: $ 576.66 $ 2,075.33

OCNA Checking

Since Jan. meeting one deposit of dues:

  • $ 20.00

OCNA Savings

Interest Earned:

  • $ 0.09

Adoption of the Treasurer Report

Feb. 2016 Treasurer Report

Romana Lavalas moves to adopt the Treasurer Report; Brenda Silverman seconds.


Only mail received was junk mail addressed to the late Martin Sage. Mark contacted the sender and requested removal from mailing list.

Setting the Agenda: Part 2: What Projects to take up and by who?

Khris began by asking attendees to volunteer for workgroups/committees ("committees" used loosely). Khris stated that this list is not an exhaustive list, but rather a list of a few workgroups based on the "Setting the Agenda" during the January 2016 board meeting. These workgroups are intended to organize items into categories. And then the committees can report back to the board during monthly meetings to make our progress more efficient. These workgroups include:

Committee Report

Neighbor Relations Group
  • Betty Bruni
  • Mark Watkins
  • Gloria Sage
  • Khris Dodson

Activities would include:

  • Membership Drive
  • Engage Latin School and Hughes School
  • Maintain relationship with church
  • Reach out to, and engage, residents in OCNA districts 6-8
  • try to figure out how to include apartment dwellers
  • Engage students
  • Communicate with Hueber-Breuer
  • New Neighbors packet delivery
  • Other ideas?
Communications Group
  • Jesse O'Donnell
  • Kathleen Scutt
  • Kiki White

Activities would include:

  • Handle external communications
  • Website
  • Newlsetter
  • Listerv

Maybe, at start, this is just Jesse O'Donnell (webmaster) and Kathleen Scutt (editor). Kiki to possibly provide support

Events Group
  • Tyler Andre
  • Shannon Andre
  • Romana Lavalas
  • Jesse O'Donnell
  • Pam Peter
  • Mary "Kiki" White

This could include the event-related items. This will likely be a larger committee. Khris notes Kiki's interest in joining.

Parks Group
  • Betty Bruni
  • Gloria Sage
  • Brenda Silverman

Comfort Tyler Park Activities would include:

  • Park events
  • Competitions hosted by OCNA
  • Various activities Gloria has traditionally organized for park upkeep/beautification
  • Betty Bruni
  • Jesse O'Donnell
  • Mark Watkins

Betty Bruni suggested we reach out to neighbors and beyond for fundraising. Betty and Mark both expressed interest in a membership drive. Grants.

Khris stated that he believes that this structure will provide the board more time during monthly meetings to talk about more high-level strategic plans for OCNA.

Khris will send the board members the list of workgroups/committees as listed above.

Newsletter for Spring 2016

The newsletter needs to be completed and out by the last week of March 2016. Kathleen Scutt, Newsletter Editor, requires all newsletter submissions by the 20th of March. Both digital and paper newsletter will be prepared and sent out the following week.


Earth Day Park Cleanup
By Gloria Sage
TNT Grant
By Gloria Sage
Write up about Willow Rock Brewing Company
Khris will check with Willow Rock to see if they wish to write up
Consider Your Lighting (street lights and city code enforcement)
-Respecting neighbors with non-invasive food lights
By Betty Bruni
Street Lights - Report to National Grid
Pam Peter
New Board Member Introductions
Bios of board members needed
Safety Elements
Shannon Andre

TNT Project Proposals

Khris and Betty explored the idea of community building grants, and, while it's a good idea, it's not a fundable idea this year. Maybe in 2017.

Gloria Sage reached out to Glen Lewis, Director of the Syracuse Department of Parks, Recreation & Youth Programs. Gloria asked him about the installation of a 'spinner' and 'balance beam' for the park. The 'spinner' would require a 14'x14' section of the playground. Mr. Lewis sent Gloria's request to the project Manager, Karen Armstrong. Ms. Armstrong wrote back, in part, to Gloria which she read: "I've reviewed the design (see attached noting the location of the independent slide), and decide it's pretty tight. I say that because of the underground utilities and walkways. There's only room to add another 'Saddle Spinner' but it could be done. We would add it near the Gazebo and table. The cost of the 'Saddle Spinner' is $950 before shipping and any contracts/discounts." Gloria also asked again about the benches near the tennis courts.

Old Business

No old business at this time.

New Business

Membership drive. The board decided to do a membership drive. Will will do during May.


No announcements at this time.


Meeting adjourned at 7:59pm