January 2017 Board Meeting Minutes

January 24, 2017

Call to Order

President Khristopher Dodson called the meeting to order at 7:03pm.

Adoption of Meeting Minutes

A motion to approve the minutes of the previous October 25, 2016 meeting was made by Brenda Silverman and seconded by Tyler Andre.

Motion was carried with all in favor, none opposed and none abstained.

Treasurer Report

Mark Watkins presented the following balances:


Checking Account

Savings Account

Current Balance:

$ 959.94

$ 2,096.33

Mark Watkins also noted the following membership numbers for 2016-2018:

  • 2016: 43 Paid Members
  • 2017: 52 Paid Members
  • 2018: 28 Paid Members


Jesse O'Donnell had nothing to report.

Mark Watkins inquired on a Thank You card for Barbara Genton. Khristopher will follow up on this.

Committee Updates


Committee members are:

  • Tyler Andre
  • Shannon Andre
  • Khristopher Dodson (chair)
  • Melissa Gervais
  • Jesse O'Donnell
  • Pam Peter
  • Annie Tuttle
  • Mary "Kiki" White.

Khristopher briefly spoke about working directly with the Southside and Valley TNTs to co host a meeting with the DOT regarding I81 and the public comment period of the environmental impact statement. OCNA is not taking a stance --just facilitating a Q&A forum.

Betty suggested the board soon have another brainstorming session on ideas for activities that OCNA would host in 2017. Khristopher will plan this for February.



Committee members are: Shannon Andre (newsletter editor), Jesse O'Donnell (chair) and Mary "Kiki" White.

Khristopher brings up that, in the absence of former board member and newsletter editor, Kathleen Scutt, a new newsletter editor was needed. Tyler Andre reminded the board that Shannon Andre has committed to being the newsletter editor. Khristopher encourages board members to return in February with ideas for articles.



Committee members are: Betty Bruni, Gloria Sage (chair) and Brenda Silverman.

Khristopher will email Earth Core and will include Park Committee members. Betty Bruni calls for more committee members.


Neighborhood Relations

Committee members are: Betty Bruni, Khristopher Dodson (chair), Mark Watkins and Gloria Sage.

Gloria attended a public meeting; where some people from the common council (including Susan Boyle) were in attendance. Meeting topic: student housing. Gloria spoke at the meeting. She expressed concern regarding the development of student housing and apartments being erected.



Committee members are: Tyler Andre, Betty Bruni, Jesse O'Donnell and Mark Watkins (chair).

Betty Bruni suggested we discuss ideas/fund-raisers for 2017 at the February meeting.


Old Business (TNT project proposal, co-hosting 1-81 event, UNSAAC update, church donation, neighborhood plan update):

Board member Katie Frontino resigned from the board upon having moved out of the neighborhood.

Motion to donate $100 to CBC with a letter from Khristopher thanking them for providing us with space.


New Business (Katie Frontino resignation):

Khristopher suggests that the board submit an application for community ‘little library’ that would be put up in Comfort Taylor Park. After discussion, the board will move forward with obtaining a quote and submitting the application.

University Neighborhood Service Agreement Advisory Committee (UNSAAC) update: OCNA is under contract for both programs (home improvement loans & lawn care). Tyler Andre asked Khristopher about qualifying guidelines established for the home renovation/home buying loan programs. Khristopher will get UNPAA’s rubric to aid in OCNA guidelines.



Betty Silverman spoke with Common Counselor Susan Boyle regarding the troublesome condition of the roads in the Outer Comstock neighborhood.


Special Presentation

Anne Saltman, Madison County. Central New York Regional Planning and Development Board (CNYRPDB). Central office in Syracuse on Central square.

  • Phase Two Storm Water Program
  • MS4 Communities
  • Central New York Storm Water Coalition (29 communities)
  • Phosphorus loading.. How to combat it
  • Solar installations in CNY.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Betty Bruni and seconded by Jesse O'Donnell. Motion carried meeting adjourned at 8:05pm.