February 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2018

Attendees: Khris Dodson (President), Mary “Kiki” White (Vice President), Jesse O’Donnell (Secretary), Tyler Andre (Treasurer), Shannon Andre, Betty Bruni, Mary Ellen Datta, Melissa Gervais, Pam Peter and Annie Tuttle

Guest(s): Common Councilor Susan Boyle, District 3

Call to Order

Board President, Khris Dodson, called the meeting to order at 7:07pm.

Adoption of Meeting Minutes

A motion to adopt the January 2018 Meeting Minutes was made by Pam Peter and seconded by Betty Bruni.  Motion was carried with all in favor; none opposed and none abstained.

Treasurer’s Report: Tyler Andre

Khris presented the Treasurer’s report.

Total Assets on 27 February, 2018:      $ 3,063.80

Current balance in Savings Account:     $ 1,057.12
Current balance in Checking Account:    $ 2,006.68
Checks on hand not yet deposited:       $  - - - -

Savings account interest 1/23-2/27 	$     0.04
Total income 				$     0.04

Donation to Central Baptist 		$   100.00
Total expenses 				$   100.00



A motion to adopt the Treasurer’s Report was made by Jesse O’Donnell and seconded by Pam Peter.  Motion was carried with all in favor; none opposed and none abstained.


There were no correspondences to report.

Committee Updates


Committee members: Tyler Andre, Shannon Andre, Khristopher Dodson, Melissa Gervais, Jesse O'Donnell, Pam Peter, Annie Tuttle & Mary "Kiki" White

The Events Committee will soon meet and will discuss events such as the Meet & Greet Danzer’s or Willow Rock, the block party in July and general Fall events.


Committee members: Shannon Andre, Jesse O'Donnell & Mary "Kiki" White

Nothing to report at this time.


Committee members: Melissa Gervais & Gloria Sage

Gloria Sage talked about the projects submitted to the Eastside TNT; two by her for Outer Comstock.

  • $500 Flower Beds

  • $1,200 Outer Comstock Sign Refresh

Neighborhood Relations

Committee members: Khristopher Dodson & Jesse O’Donnell

Nothing to report at this time.


Committee members: Tyler Andre & Jesse O'Donnell

Nothing to report at this time.

TNT, New UNSAAC ideas:

Khris talked about the design for Comfort Tyler Park. A student project to install a ‘Natural Play Area’ in CTP has been completed by a student. She created landscape drawings/blueprints and a small 3D model. Khris will email the drawings/blueprints to board members.

The board discussed ideas to submit to UNSAAC for 2019 OCNA programs. Board members discussed continuing programs like the ones OCNA currently offers (home improvement and home buyer assistance) and a couple new ideas like: block-blitz fix/clean-up and providing sidewalk-clearing services to Outer Comstock residents or main pedestrian throughways like Comstock and Thurber.

Old Business:

No old business at this time.

New Business

No new business at this time.


No announcements at this time.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Mary “Kiki” White and seconded by Jesse O’Donnell.

Meeting adjourned at 7:49pm.