January 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

January 23, 2018

Attendees: Khris Dodson (President), Mary “Kiki” White (Vice President), Jesse O’Donnell (Secretary), Betty Bruni, Melissa Gervais, Pam Peter, Gloria Sage and Annie Tuttle


Call to Order

Board President, Khris Dodson, called the meeting to order at 7:03pm.

Adoption of Meeting Minutes

Board Secretary, Jesse O’Donnell, will email meeting minutes to each of the board members, and the board will approve/reject via reply to email.

Treasurer Report

Khris started out the Treasurer report with recognizing and thanking board member, Betty Bruni (and husband, Dave Bruni) for their work and generosity in conducting a lawn sale and donating 100% of the proceeds to the Outer Comstock Neighborhood Association.

Total Assets on 23 January, 2018:    $ 3,163.76
Current balance in Savings Account   $ 1,057.08
Current balance in Checking Account  $ 2,106.68
Checks on hand not yet deposited:    $  ------


Money raised from garage sale 2017   $   357.00
Membership dues collected            $    10.00
Savings account interest 11/12-1/23  $     0.08
Total income                         $   367.08


Fall Newsletter Mailing              $   313.05
Total expenses                       $ 2,387.13


  1. $100 has been given to the Central Baptist Church but has not been cashed.

A motion to adopt the Treasurer’s Report was made by Gloria Sage and seconded by Annie Tuttle.  Motion was carried with all in favor; none opposed and none abstained.


There were no correspondences to report.

Committee Updates


Committee members are: Tyler Andre, Shannon Andre, Khristopher Dodson, Melissa Gervais, Jesse O'Donnell, Pam Peter, Annie Tuttle & Mary "Kiki" White.

The Events Committee will be getting together soon to talk about what events OCNA will be organizing/attending in 2018.

Gloria Sage suggested that OCNA organize a snowman making (or some other wintertime) activity for the Events Committee to consider.


Committee members are: Shannon Andre, Jesse O'Donnell & Mary "Kiki" White.

Nothing to report at this time.


Committee members are: Melissa Gervais & Gloria Sage

The committee put together a proposal for $500 to rejuvenate gardens under the Outer Comstock signs.

The board discussed replacing one of the Outer Comstock Neighborhood Association’s signs. It would cost just over $1,000 to replace a sign. The OCNA Parks Committee will submit for grants with TNT.

Neighborhood Relations

Committee members are: Khristopher Dodson & Jesse O’Donnell.

No updates at this time.


Committee members are: Tyler Andre & Jesse O'Donnell.

No updates at this time.

Planning for 2018:

The board discussed activities the board can do in 2018. Some of the ideas were: reviewing/rewriting the OCNA Bylaws, block party, garage sale, meet & greet at brewery and december activities (christmas tree lighting, cocoa and cider, lights contest). The board discussed untethering the annual meeting and potluck event.

Old Business:

No old business at this time.

New Business

No new business at this time.


No announcements at this time.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Jesse O’Donnell and seconded by Annie Tuttle.  Motion was carried with all in favor; none opposed and none abstained.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46pm.