Student Apartment Complex for East Brighton/Thurber Approved by Council

Today, the Syracuse City Council unanimously approved (8-0) the development of three five-story buildings (166 one- and two-story units) as student housing.  This gated student community will be located at the northeast corner of E Brighton Ave and Thurber St.

Download Student Apartment Plans

On April 21, 2015, members of the OCNA board and Outer Comstock residents met with representatives from CHA Companies & Hueber-Breuer, Common Councilors Bey and Dougherty and the site property owners to discuss the project.

OCNA issued the following statement:

The Outer Comstock Neighborhood Association does not object to the proposed project so long as the entrance on Stevens Place is used solely for emergency access and sidewalks are installed on all streets on the perimeter of the project.


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